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"Failure is not an option, ever!"


My first book titled: "Life is a Precious Gift" is available at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble on line!

I released my second book titled: "Confessions of a Reformed Cougar - The Accidental Cougar" in February and I'm about to release the next installment in late November or early December.

  All three will be available on through Kindle and in paperback form.  Check it out! The first one is about overcoming life's obstacles and coming out on top.

The second two are fiction and are a little naughty... It's just about having fun with an older lady who has a penchant for dating younger men (she's a Cougar).  Check out the website too!

Here is the direct link to purchase the Kindle version of my second book:

Here is the direct link to purchase the Kindle version of my first book:

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My name is Holly Mosley-Cooper, MBA and I am an Independent Book Publisher/Author.  Do you want to know more about me and my first book?

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